Fitra fixed at Rs100 per head for Ramadan 2020, announces Mufti Munib

PAKISTAN: Chairman of Central Ruet-i-Hilal Committee Mufti Munibur Rehman announced on Monday that the faithful should pay Rs100 per head as Fitra if they wanted to make the payment on the basis of wheat flour price.


In a statement, Mufti Munib said Fitra worked out to Rs320 per head as per the price of barley, Rs1,600 as per the price of dates, Rs1,920 as per the price of raisin and Rs3,540 as per the price of cheese.

He said that if someone was unable to fast during the entire month of Ramadan he or she should pay Rs3,750 as Fidya (compensation) if the payment was to be made on the basis of flour price, Rs9,600 in case of barley, Rs48,000 in case of dates, Rs57,600 in case of raisin and Rs106,200 in case of cheese.

The benchmark for penance for false swearing has been set at Rs1,250 (flour), Rs3,200 (barley), Rs16,000 (dates), Rs19,200 (raisin) and Rs35,400 (cheese).

Mufti Munib said the real spirit behind the Fitra and Fidya was a two-time meal for a destitute person, which cost around Rs125 a day.

He said the wealthy people should try to pay more as this is also the wish of the Almighty Allah.


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