Fixit: Alamgir and driver indicted for littering outside CM House


KARACHI: Alamgir Khan, the man behind the #FixIt campaign, and his driver Saifullah were indicted on Friday for an attempt to dump garbage outside the Sindh Chief Minister House located in Karachi’s Red Zone.


Both the accused have denied the charges levelled against them.

Alamgir and the driver were arrested by police last month as they tried to move a garbage truck along the PIDC traffic intersection towards the Red Zone, where several state building including Chief Minister House are located.

A First Information Report (FIR) No. 27/2016 was registered against the accused at the Civil Lines police station for disrupting traffic and littering outside the CM House.

The activist gained media attention when group led by him sprayed stencils of Sindh CM Qaim Ali Shah’s face near open manholes of the city, urging him to fix them.

Accumulation of garbage in absence of an effective disposal system has become a serious health hazard creating numerous infectious and other diseases in certain parts of the city.

Several areas already lack proper facilities for the collection and lifting of garbage resulting in insanitary conditions quite visible in almost all the localities of each town.