Former PM condemns anti-Pakistan slogans


MULTAN: Former prime minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gillani has said that those speaking against Pakistan are not Pakistanis.


Addressing Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) South-Punjab Workers Convention in Multan on Friday, Gillani condemned the anti-Pakistan statements. He also said that the people living in Pakistan but issuing statements against the country are not Pakistanis.

“We have created Pakistan and we will protect it,” Gillani said.

He said that the sacrifices rendered by the people of Kashmiris will not go in vain. He added that Pakistan has raised and will keep raising the Kashmir issue on every platform.

Answering a question during a news conference following his address, the ex-prime minister said that the government of Pakistan will have to clarify its policy regarding Kashmir. He added that the atrocities against Kashmiris is violation of human rights.

He also said that there is no such things as “good or bad Taliban”. “Taliban are Taliban,” he added.

The PPP leader stated that Pakistani soil should not be used for terrorism neither the territory of any country should be used for terrorism against Pakistan.