Four gangwar operatives shot dead during search operation in Karachi


KARACHI: Crackdown against criminal elements continued late Sunday night as four gangwar operatives were shot dead during a joint search operation conducted by police and Rangers in Karachi’s Dalmia area.


According to the details, the raid was conducted on the information of presence of criminals in Shanti Nagar area of Dalmia.

An exchange of fired ensued between the law enforcement agencies and the suspects during the raid. A further contingent of the security agencies was called in during the clash while a contingent of Rangers also arrived during the exchange of fire.

Four suspects were gunned down by the law enforcement agencies during the clash.

According the police, the killed suspects were operatives of Lyari gangwar. Police further say that Kalashnikov, repeater and grenades were recovered from the gunned down suspects.

The area was surrounded and a search operation conducted for the arrest of further suspects.
Police officials have stated that another search operation will be conducted in Shanti Nagar for apprehending criminals.