Govt has decided to open construction industry in the country from April 14: PM Imran

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that the government will start providing funds to deserving families from tomorrow (April 9) under the Ehsaas Cash Disbursement Programme. He added the money will be directly transferred to people in 17,000 areas in the country.


Briefing the nation on coronavirus situation in Islamabad on Wednesday, Imran said that more than 12 million people will benefit from the programme.

He maintained the entire system of distributing the funds is transparent and free of any political influence. The premier said that the biggest problem is how to provide relief to society’s poor and weakest section.

Regarding the Corona Tigers Relief Force, he said the force has two main purposes: to identify people who are needy and to identify people who need to be put under quarantine.

“The force volunteers will try to locate people who are unable to register through SMS for the cash disbursement programme.” He pointed out, “They will find out who has received assistance and who need assistance.”

He added that the lockdown will only succeed if people are provided food at their doorsteps and the relief force would play an important role in this regard.

The prime minister said that the government has decided to open construction industry in the country from April 14.

He said that gathering of people in one place is a dangerous thing. “We can avoid getting into problems by social distancing.”

Imran said, We have observed that people are not following restrictions in many places.” He said that the coronavirus is “very dangerous” for the elderly and sick people.

The premier said that the disease would spread very fast if people refused to stay at home and urged them to stay at home for the sake of their elders.

“If this spreads faster, it would burden our healthcare system, we wouldn’t have enough ventilators for people with respiratory diseases,” he said. “Coronavirus will not go away in two or three weeks. It will take time for things to come back to normal,” he highlighted.

He maintained that people assume they are immune to coronavirus which is wrong.


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