Govt to impose lockdown again if SOPs not followed, warns info minister

ISLAMABAD: Federal Minister for Information & Broadcasting Shibli Faraz urged the masses to strictly follow the SOPs in order to make the government decision regarding easing down lockdown successful.


“The success of opening the lockdown requires the cooperation of the people. SOPs set up for business sectors have to be strictly followed. If precautions are not taken, we will have to go for lockdown again,” tweeted Faraz on Friday.

“The decision to phase out the lockdown is a sign of sympathy for the downtrodden. The business of small business people will be supported. Long-term lockdowns would permanently disrupt the jobs of small businesses,” he added.

The government on Thursday decided to soften the lockdown further from Saturday in the second phase. However, closure of educational institutes has been extended by one and a half months till July 15, and all board exams have been canceled.

Briefing on coronavirus after the National Coordination Committee meeting (NCC), Prime Minister Imran Khan stated that “we have decided to take a step – despite that curve of the virus is ascending but not at an alarming pace – to ease the lockdown in the next phase due to difficulty of people and fear that some small industries may not be able to survive due to lockdown.”


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