Govt will back, equip youth with new skills for establishing new startups: PM Imran

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan has said the government will support youth in establishing new startups and will unleash their potential.


Addressing an event related to Incubation Centre Startups in Islamabad on Wednesday, he said there are many advantages of the startups. “Such startups are for those who dream of achieving their objectives,” he said.

Imran said it is the need of the hour to support the startups for development of the country. The PM said the government will facilitate the youth for initiating new startups at all levels and will extend every possible support.

“Behind every big achievement there is a great idea,” the PM remarked. He said a successful person is the one who never looks back and concentrates on his aim. “A person who gets afraid of things in life never succeeds.”

He maintained those who take the easy way do not succeed in life. The prime minister said, “A free man makes his own way and excel in life.”

He pointed out, “Information Technology and Artificial Intelligence are revolutionizing the world and the government will support its youth and equip them with modern skills.”

Earlier, the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) forwarded recommendations to introduce major amendments to the Companies Act to provide an enabling regulatory framework to facilitate startups in Pakistan.

According to the SECP’s plan for facilitation of startups, with the objective to promote growth in the startups sector of Pakistan, it is necessary to make relevant changes in Company Law to facilitate the incorporation process for the startups and provide a conducive regulatory environment.


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