Grandmother takes Abdullah in after court’s order

KARACHI: Maternal grandmother and aunt of two and half years old Abdullah have taken him in after court entertained their petition, reported Saturday.


Abdullah has left with his grandmother after spending two months and five days in care of Edhi welfare foundation.

The relatives of the child reached Edhi centre today to conclude documentation of the handover and assured Faisal Edhi to take care of Abdullah.

Edhi said that everyone at the welfare centre prays that Abdullah is brought up in good environment and is provided reasonable education.

Abdullah was handed over to the welfare association by alleged murderer of his mother earlier this year before he fled only to get arrested later on.

Rizwan had alleged murdered Haleema, Abdullah’s mother in Karachi and had plans to go into hiding in downtown Sindh along with his wife Sonia.

The alleged culprit is facing a trial and has pleaded not guilty.


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