Hearing of Ayyan Ali’s acquittal plea adjourned till November 3

Ayyan Ali

RAWALPINDI: Hearing of Ayyan Ali’s acquittal plea was adjourned till November 3 today (Wednesday).


Her lawyer Lateef Khosa gave detailed arguments in the court stating that his client is innocent however it is the media that has depicted Ayyan a criminal.

The plea submitted by the defence lawyer states that no proof of currency smuggling has been found during the interrogation therefore Ayyan should be acquitted in the case.

It was also stated in the plea that High court has also not declared a case related to the incident as currency smuggling.

The point was also raised in the petition that Ayyan Ali while carrying the amount had yet not attained the boarding pass and was going to leave after handing over the money to her brother.

Latif Khosa requested the court to return the confiscated mobile and money after releasing her client.

Ayyan Ali was detained at the Islamabad airport on March 14 as she waited in a VIP lounge before her Dubai flight. Pakistani law bars any passenger from carrying over $10,000 and investigators say they found $506,800 tucked into her luggage.

She has maintained the money was solely hers since her arrest.