Hit and run case filed against PML-N’s Rohail Asghar

ISLAMABAD: A case has been registered in Kohsar Police Station against Pakistan Muslim League-N (PML-N) leader Sheikh Rohail Asghar, on Saturday, over alleged murder of a security guard.


According to the details, the case has been registered against the leader by widow of security guard Shaheen Bibi. On August 10, 2015, Asghar allegedly hit a security man at footpath who lost his life. The widow filed an application in an additional court, saying the accused is powerful that’s why no action has been taken against him on her report.

Rohail Asghar had said in the local court that his driver was driving the car at the time of accident and he was not inside the car.

Lahore High Court (LHC) on Tuesday has extended the interim bail of Deputy Superintendent in Police s (DSP) son Talha Naveed till November 25 in Johar Town hit-and-run case.

The suspect was appeared in court along with his lawyer. The counsel told the court that the case is forged and baseless and was filed on the pressure of media.The lawyer demanded extension in interim bail while the investigation officer stated that the probe into the matter is underway, therefore, the court should allot time to security personnel.

Subsequently, the court deferred the case hearing till November 25.

Earlier, DSP’s son confessed to killing a motorcyclist with speeding car. Judicial magistrate reserved verdict over physical remand of Talha. The criminal had driven over a motorcyclist in Johar Town on Monday night.

Talha, handcuffed by police was presented before the court. Investigative Officer told the court that the criminal had confessed to the killing. He was on interim bail and was arrested after being made part of investigation, he added.

He said that further interrogation is not needed as the culprit has made a confession in the case. The court was also told that the car was pacing at more than 130 Kilometer per hour (Km/h) when it hit a motorcyclist.

Talha is Lower Mall DSP Naveed Irshad’s 15-year-old son who had denied any role in the accident earlier. He heard about the news when he woke up in the morning and his name was all over the media, he added.

What appeared to be an attempt to protect a criminal, the police concerned did not take action all day. Motorcyclist, identified as Bilal lost life in the accident.

Talha presented himself before the police on October 21 but acquired interim bail before surrendering.


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