Huge cache of weapons seized in Orakzai Agency


HANGU: Security forces on Tuesday have seized huge cache of weapons in an operation in Orakzai Agency.


Security forces acted on a tip-off from intelligence agencies and raided a house in Masti Mela. Wepons, in huge amount were seized from the house.

At least 15 mortars, four grenades, a bullet proof vest, four sub-machine guns (SMG), as many as 30 rounds of bullets, two daggers, two binoculars and two wireless phones were among the seized weapons.

The authorities said that the weaponry was shifted there from Khyber Agency.

Earlier on October 30, bomb disposal unit (BDU) along with security troops foiled a terror bid in Tal Bazaar. A remote-control bomb was reported at the place. Sources said that the bomb weighed at least five kilograms (Kg). The Tal city police station is not far from the targetted market.