I shall rather die but will never join PSP: Farooq Sattar

KARACHI: Muttahida Qaumi Movement leader Farooq Sattar in a press conference apparently called upon in emergency, said that he would die but not join Pak Sir Zameen Party, NewsOne reported.


According to details near the Fajr time on Sunday Farooq expressed disapproval over the recent jumps of former MQM(P) stalwarts in PSP.

The matter is both quite important and very serious, and may pertain to the future of Pakistan … might also be related to the fate of Muhajirs,” he said, noting the subtle changes being made ahead of the general elections this year.


The MQM-P leader also expressed mere confusion about why his party and PSP were expected to merge.

Sattar desired to meet top Military, judicial authorities in a bid to tell them about the recent developments which were taking place just months ahead of the general elections,

“I need some time. I wish to meet the Chief Justice (of Pakistan) of the Supreme Court and I also intend to go to the Army Chief Bajwa”, he stated.


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