‘I was labelled a traitor but recently published books state otherwise’, says Nawaz

LAHORE: Former Prime minister Nawaz Sharif on Monday has said that he was called traitor over his interview to private newspaper but what about the recently published books (Spy chronicles & from Kargil to Coup).


Former Prime Minister of Pakistan Mian Nawaz Sharif on Monday has said that ruling government has completed record number of development projects during its tenure as compare to other political parties.

“PML-N is the only party which has performed in five years of their term,” said Nawaz while talking to media outside Accountability court.

Ousted Prime Minister remarked that the nation neither accepts the plane hijacking case nor the current cases against him.

Counting the development works made by incumbent government Nawaz said that PML-N has eliminated terrorism from country, restored peace of Karachi, introduced China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) and completed the power projects, asking PTI chief Imran Khan to tell about the single project he completed.

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“We only got two years to do development work as Panama Leaks emerged in 2016,” he asserted.

Talking about caretaker PM, Nawaz said that PML-N has given competent names for caretaker PM that are also acceptable by the people of Pakistan.

The former premier alleged that then US president Bill Clinton offered him $5 billion to stop the nuclear tests.

“If I was corrupt and not a patriot I would have said that bring me the money,” said Nawaz.

He said that ‘dictator’ Pervez Musharraf bowed down on a single phone call, whereas, a elected prime minister remained steadfast.

Nawaz said that then British leaders and other international leaders also asked him to not to proceed with the tests.

He said that eight months after then Indian prime minister visited Pakistan. “If we had not conducted nuclear tests the Indian PM wouldn’t have visited,” said Nawaz.

The former prime minister said that Pakistan is an atomic power and no one can treat it with bad intentions.



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