IHC serve one year imprisonment to judge, wife in Tayyaba torture case

ISLAMABAD: The Islamabad High Court has sentenced one years imprisonment and a fine of worth 50,0000 rupees to the Additional Judge Khurram Khan his wife Maheen Zafar in ‘Tayyaba torture case’.


The case went for a year long, as the IHC judge Justice Aamer Farooq reserved the judgment on March 27th after hearing the arguments from both sides.

Tayyaba a 12 years old minor, maid was tortured by judge’s wife sparking nationwide outrage over the abuse of power.

Tayyaba was sent to the Sweet Homes, an orphanage which provides facilities of boarding, education, sports and co-curricular facilities to homeless children, till the identity of her true parents was established.

The incident was reported on 16th December 2016.





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