Imam Ka’aba: Pakistan and Saudi Arabia face same enemy, Calls for unity

LAHORE: The Imam of Ka’aba, Al-Sheikh Saaleh bin Mohammad Aal-e-Talib, has said both Saudi Arabia and Pakistan are committed for supremacy of Islam and security of Harmain.


He added, due to this Saudi Arabia and Pakistan both are victims of terrorism also terming their enemies to be one and the same.

Speaking as the chief guest at the third session of the opening day at the 24th 2-day All Pakistan Ahle Hadith convention at Kala Shah Kaku, on Thursday, he said that both countries would have to remain united in the face of adversity.

The Imam warned that Islam was being tagged with terrorism, though it had been the most peaceful religion all through history.

‘Muslim countries across the world are being subjected to terrorism and destruction, from Iraq to Syria and from Palestine to Kashmir,’ he said.

He urged Muslims to shun all kinds of differences, and form a unified front, and not to allow them (the enemy) to weaken the strength of Muslims.

“Saudi Arabia always welcomes the pilgrims of Harmain Sharifain, but we are fully committed to protecting the Muslim holy places at all costs, and will spare no sacrifice for this objective,” he said.

Al-Sheikh Saaleh bin Mohammad Aal-e-Talib is on a three-day visit to Pakistan on the invitation of MJAH President Senator Sajid Mir. During his stay Imam of Ka’aba will lead Maghrib prayers at Jamiat Ashrafia Lahore on Friday and Isha prayers at Masjid Ahle Hadith Lawrence Road.


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