Imran Khan accepts resignation of PTI CEC Tasneem Noorani


ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan today accepted the resignation of party’s Chief Election Commissioner Tasneem Noorani with “regret” and decided to hold intra-party elections on schedule.


In a press statement on Saturday, PTI said that Senator Noman Wazir, an existing member of the Election Commission, will be the interim CEC.

By 31st March, the vacant positions in the EC will be filled, it added.

“The Chairman and the Party have always respected the jurisdiction of the EC, and completely refrained from intervening in their domain,” it said, adding that any interface with the EC was with the intent of strengthening the institution of the EC.

However, the Party was clear that it was it’s prerogative to decide what type of election would be held.

Despite these misgivings, the chairman supported unanimously by the senior leadership, in its meeting today had decided to give the EC till 31st March to meet with the Chairman and the core committee’s special liaison committee and explain how the technicalities of the election would be met.

“It is unfortunate that the CEC and some members of the EC chose to resign before this meeting. The Chairman and the senior leadership appreciate the efforts put in by the CEC and his team,” it concluded.