Imran Khan hiding after hurting the integrity of one’s family: Nawaz comments on Imran’s possible third marriage

ISLAMABAD: Former Prime Minister of Pakistan Nawaz sharif has lambasted Imran Khan for hiding after hurting the integrity of one’s  family.


However he did not clarify to whom he was referring, but it appears to be a a subtle message to Imran Khan for allegedly marrying a spiritual guide; to which Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf responded that Imran has just sent a proposal of marriage two days back.

Nawaz Sharif added that he does not want to comment on someone’s personal life but said that it is unfortunate that the children of that particular family is giving clarifications on behalf of their mother.

Nawaz alleged Imran for betraying trust of the family; advising Imran to come forefront and give clarification about the rumors of his third marriage.


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