Imran Khan: Investing on the right things will make this country great

GUJRAT: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf chairperson Imran Khan, addressing a crowd in Tanda, Gujrat addressed the current regime in power for their lack of vision and relying on optics alone to fool people.


“Nations prosper when they spend money on people, not on roads,” said the PTI chief.

The PTI chief is on a recruiting campaign for his political party in various areas of the country at the moment.

“Everyone knows what goes on in the police stations in Punjab,” the PTI chief claimed.

“Allah has given the nation everything. The day we improve the country’s system, only then will we progress,” he said while addressing party supporters in Tanda.

“The day a student from Tanda becomes the country’s prime minister, only then can we achieve great things,” he said further.

The PTI chief said the government must invest in the people for a brighter future.


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