Imran Khan reveals Party Manifesto, upcoming tasks an uphill battle

ISLAMABAD: PTI chief Imran Khan on Monday vowed to make a welfare state in Pakistan as he unveiled his party’s manifesto for the General Election 2018.


Addressing a ceremony to unveil the party’s manifesto in the federal capital, Imran stressed that social justice and rules are the basis of progress for a country.

“An easy solution to the problems that Pakistan is faced with does not exist,” the PTI chief said. “No one should assume that we will be able to easily implement this manifesto.”

Touching on the country’s issues, he stated that the national debt had significantly increased in the past ten years. He further noted that the country did not have a revenue-collection mechanism. Furthermore, the PTI chief observed that the country’s institutions were deliberately made weak.

He then announced that his party plans to create 10 million jobs in the country. Imran further said that PTI, if elected, will introduce housing schemes. “New construction companies will be provided with a chance to create housing schemes. The government will facilitate new private sector players,” he said.

Furthermore, the PTI chief said that his party will work on taking advantage of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC).


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