Indian allegations of infiltration across LoC are ‘baseless’ and ‘dangerous’, says PM Khan

Prime Minister Imran Khan once again called on the international community to take notice of India’s brutality in occupied Kashmir before it jeopardises the peace and security in South Asia.


In a series of tweets on Wednesday, the prime minister said, “I have been warning the world about India’s continuing efforts to find a pretext for a false flag operation targeting Pakistan.”

“Latest baseless allegations by India of “infiltration” across [the Line of Control] LoC are a continuation of this dangerous agenda. The indigenous Kashmiri resistance against Indian occupation is a direct consequence of India’s oppression and brutalisation of Kashmiris,” he said.

The prime minister added, “The fascist policies of the RSS-BJP combine are fraught with serious risks. The international community must act before India’s reckless moves jeopardise peace and security in South Asia.”

The premier’s remarks come after Indian Defence Minister Rajnath Singh, Army Chief Gen MM Naravane and other officials last week alleged that Pakistan has been operating terrorist launch pads from it’s side of the LoC and attempting to infiltrate the border into the Indian side.

A day earlier, Director-General ISPR Maj Gen Babar Iftikhar had also dismissed Indian Army’s allegations and termed them as ‘baseless’ and ‘non-serious’.

DG Iftikhar had said that India’s violations across the LoC were increasing with each passing day. “The situation at the LoC is turning serious,” he said.

“The Indian leadership is making non-serious allegations against Pakistan,” he said. “India has its own satellites. Tell us, where is the proof?[of the launch pads]” he asked.

The army’s spokesperson invited international observers to pay a visit to the LoC to witness whether the Indian claims are true or not.

He said that India was trying to blame Pakistan for its internal problems. Maj Gen Babar said that an American commission had highlighted how India was committing atrocities against its minorities.

Referring to India’s blame game policy, he had said that whatever happened in the country, it always hurled accusations at Pakistan. “It is a ridiculous claim that Pakistan has contributed to the spread of the coronavirus in India,” he said.

Earlier, the Foreign Office had dismissed Indian allegations and pointed out as well that it was a tactic to take attention away from the Kashmir issue.

“As Pakistan has consistently pointed out, regurgitation of these allegations and spurious claims by India is aimed at diverting the world’s attention from India’s state-terrorism and grave human rights violations in Indian occupied Jammu and Kashmir. India also seeks to use these allegations as a pretext for launching ‘false flag’ operation and deliberately targeting of innocent civilians along the LoC,” a statement from the foreign office read.


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