India’s aggressive posture has put peace in danger: FO

ISLAMABAD: Foreign Office Spokesperson Nafees Zakaria says India’s aggressive posture has put peace in the South Asian region in danger.


Talking to state television on Wednesday night, he said all the countries in the South Asian region, except Pakistan, are nervous because of India’s aggressive designs.

The Spokesperson said Pakistan knows well how to respond to Indian aggression and it also has capacity to do that.

He said India’s only objective for all the recent irrational acts is to divert attention from the grave human rights violations in Occupied Kashmir. He said over 100 people have been martyred during the last 80 days, and over eight hundred others have been deprived of their eyesight due to pellet shots.

Nafees Zakaria said India has been committing crimes against humanity in Occupied Kashmir. The DNA tests of the bodies in mass graves have proved that they were local people.


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