Investigation reveals details of weapons in possession of stock exchange attackers

KARACHI: Officials investigating the attack on Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) in which seven people including four terrorists were killed, said the attackers used latest firearms including NATO supply weapons.


The attackers 40 Russian rifle grenades, one rifle, 25 Russian and American hand grenades, four sub-machines, 26 packs of sub-machines bullets and 12 empty boxes of two different types of grenades.

Moreover, officials added they had also found three bottles of petrol, six shoulder bags along with two cell phones at the site of the incident.

Separately, a case against the attack on PSX was registered in the Counter-Terrorism Department (CTD) police station on Tuesday.

The case was filed under the supervision of the government and included the provisions of the Anti-Terrorism Act, the Explosives Act, murder and other offences.

In the case, the serial numbers of the sub-machine guns recovered from the terrorists have also been registered while two mobile phones seized from the stock exchange, one an Android phone and the other a simple one, have been mentioned in the FIR.

‘PSX comes under gun and grenade attack’

Four terrorists attacked the Pakistan Stock Exchange in Karachi yesterday, as a result of which a policeman and three security guards of the stock exchange were martyred while the four terrorists were killed in the retaliatory action of the forces.

Armed militants had arrived at the PSX compound in a sedan and attempted to enter it from the parking ground side, according to initial reports and eyewitness statements. They were seen shouldering backpacks and carrying automatic weaponry in an amateur video captured by an eyewitness. The equipment, arms and ammunition recovered from them indicated that they had come prepared for a long siege.

After failing to enter the compound, the militants launched a gun and grenade attack and attempted to storm the building while opening indiscriminate fire. They were engaged by security personnel posted and failed to make headway amidst heavy exchange of fire.

Initial reports indicate that all four of the militants were killed near the entrance gates, before they could enter the building. Two security guards and a police sub-inspector laid down their lives foiling the attack.

The entire locality was later cordoned off by security forces and a search and clear operation was launched. The PSX was evacuated and the car that the militants arrived in was taken into custody.

Militants came with aim to hold people hostage: DG Rangers Sindh

Major-General Omer Ahmed Bokhari, addressing a press conference in Karachi, said the four militants that came to the PSX, had intended to not only enter the building but also carry out violence and hold people hostage.

“Every terrorist was armed with weapons that included Ak-47s, hand grenades, rocket launchers. They were also carrying food and water,” he said.

Speaking about the entire operation, Maj Gen Bokhari said the four attackers were killed within eight minutes. He said that they carried out the attack at 10:02am and were gunned down at 10:10am.

“It was a combined effort with rangers, police and PSX security guards,” he said adding that the entire building was cleared within 25 minutes so that the routine activity of the Pakistan Stock Exchange was not affected.

Authorities to probe into attack, study gaps: DG Rangers Sindh

The Maj-Gen further said the authorities will probe the attack thoroughly.

“Pakistan’s law enforcement agencies (LEAs) in the past few years have taken action against criminal gangs and terrorist organisations, shrinking their space [to operate with impunity]. Hence, this has frustrated hostile agencies,” he said. “We are fully aware that hostile agencies are struggling to form a nexus of remnants of some terrorist organisations such as MQM-London and sub-nationalists.”

He added, “We are aware of who is doing what and forming which nexuses. You will see, we will reach to the depth of this and shrink their [militants] space further.”


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