Its media right to criticise govt: Awan

LAHORE: Special Assistant to PM (SAPM) on Information and Broadcasting Dr Firdous Aashiq Awan said on Tuesday it is media right to criticise the government and positive suggestions from media are welcomed.


Speaking to media, SAPM Awan said the Prime Minister Imran Khan informed the cabinet about his visit of Iran and the cabinet members congratulated PM on his successful trip. She said Iran is not only a neighboring country but is also a brotherly Muslim nation and it was essential to clear the misunderstandings with Iran.

Awan said Pakistan and Iran should strengthen trade communications and Iran supported Pakistan on the matter of Indian Occupied Kashmir (IoK). She thanked the Iranian leadership for their support.

Awan said PM Khan will soon visit China and will discuss matters related to the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) with the Chinese leadership. She said PM will sign a free trade agreement with China.

Awan said it is essential to develop trade communications with the neighboring country and PM’s speech was a path for both India and Pakistan to move forward.

Awan said the public is suffering because of drugs price hike and Advisor for Health briefed the cabinet regarding the matter. She said the decision for the price hike will be retracted and the Advisor for Health will soon gain the trust of media regarding the hike.

Awan said Pharmaceutical companies abused their drug policies and vowed to take money from the companies and deposit in the national treasury. She said it was decided by the cabinet to keep prices of commodities under observation during Ramadan while the cabinet also kept making the next budget public friendly under consideration.

Awan said corruption free Pakistan is the first sign of democracy and the previous government defrauded the nation on the name of Liquid Natural Gas (LNG). She said an agreement was reached with Iran on LNG due to which price of LNG has decreased.

She said PM has given a target to his economy team and the cabinet has high hopes of economic revolution with the new Advisor on Finance. She said PM wants the public to be self-authorised.

Awan said compared to the previous era, inflation has decreased and it should decrease even further. She said national motives will be given priority in international agreements and the new tax amnesty scheme has been finalised.

She said an interim wage award for the journalists will be announced soon.


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