K-Electric hints at surged loadshedding this summer

KARACHI: Due to the ease in lockdown and a spike in business activities, the surge in demand of electricity has made loadshedding inevitable in Karachi, said a K-Electric spokesman on Wednesday.


According to KE, in the current situation, an increase in loadshedding can be expected.

The KE spokesman said that the power supply company is not getting the required amount of furnace oil and it is affecting the production of electricity.

This can lead to loadshedding in Karachi and the adjacent areas, said the KE spokesperson.

As soon as the supply of furnace oil is regulated, the production of electricity will increase as well to meet demand, said the company’s spokesman.

Meanwhile, citizens have expressed anger over the pre-existing situation of power supply, saying that the KE is causing an ‘artificial’ crisis.

The citizens lamented that in Karachi, power is out for several hours regularly.

According to a resident, every year in summers an artificial crisis of fuel is created to get funds from the government, while the corporation charges double in bills from the public.


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