Kalbhushan is being investigated: Foreign Ministry spokesperson


ISLAMABAD: In a statement issued by the Foreign Affairs spokesperson it was revealed that the government was interrogating alleged RAW agent Kalbhushan Yadav.


The Foreign Ministry spokesperson further said that the impression that India’s face was not exposed to the world on the matter of Kalbhushan’s arrest was false. He further stated that the international community should take notice of how the culprits of Samjhauta Express have gone scot-free.

On the issue of bilateral talks between India and Pakistan, the Foreign Ministry spokesperson said that relations between the two countries were dependant on earnest efforts. He also said that whenever India was ready for negotiations, it would find Pakistan equally ready.

Kalbhushan Yadav had been arrested from Balochistan by intelligence agencies a couple of months ago. In a press-conference, DG ISPR Asim Bajwa had shown a video of the suspected RAW agent in which he admitted to carrying out ‘subversive’ activities in Balochistan.