Kamal announces to open PSP office in London


HYDERABAD: Pak Sarzameen Party (PSP) leader Mustafa Kamal on Friday announced that his party would open an office its first overseas office in London.


Speaking at a press conference in Hyderabad today, Kamal said that opening an office in London was essential now.

The tone that the MQM founder used in his speech yesterday, it has given us further confidence in our success, he said, claiming that that Altaf’s body language was that of a defeated man.

The Pak Sarzameen Party claimed further victories today as several sector in-charges of the MQM’s Hyderabad chapter joined the party. The group of former MQM workers was led by sector in-charge Raheel Qaimkhani.

Kamal further said that, although the MQM chief handed over leadership of the party to Farooq Sattar for a few hours on Thursday, he would not let the party leadership get out of his control until his death.

“This step had caused me to worry about Farooq Sattar’s life. There is danger to Sattar’s life. If the MQM chief is handing over party leadership to Sattar, then that usually means that Sattar should not remain in this world anymore,” Kamal added.

He urged security agencies to provide protection to Farooq Sattar. “There are several examples like this from the past. Farooq bhai should also take care of his life,” PSP leader said.

Kamal welcomed and congratulated the new members upon joining the party.