Kamal denies reports of Bhola’s PSP membership

KARACHI: Leader of Pak Sarameen Party (PSP) Syed Mustafa Kamal denied reports that Rehman Bhola, the prime suspect of Baldia factory fire, is a member of his party.


“Rehman has never part of the PSP. Our membership form can be found on our website. Anyone can download and have it filled,” Kamal explained.

Bhola was arrested from Bangkok via Interpol and a team of interior ministry officials was being sent the Thailand capital to bring him back to Pakistan to stand trial.

Rehman is suspected of being part of a criminal gang that was extorting the owners of a Karachi garment factory.

The gang burned down the factory when the owners refused to pay seven million baht ($200,000), he said.

Initially the fire was believed to be an accident.

A murder case was registered against the factory owners, but it never came to trial.

Earlier this year police said they now believed an extortion gang was behind the blaze, naming Abdul Rehman as the suspect who allegedly lit the fire.

Much of the factory’s garment output went to the German company KIK, who have paid out nearly two million dollars in compensation to the victims’ families.


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