Kamran, Azhar Abbas and others resign from Bol

KARACHI: Journalists belongs to Axact’s media initiative Bol TV Network began dissociating themselves late on Saturday, right after 2 days of the start of test transmission.


FIA probe took place right after when a story in NYT revealed that the company who claims to be a world’s leading IT company is involved in fake diploma mill.

Kamran Khan, the president and editor-in-chief (co -founder) of BOL Group, was the first to announce his disassociation from Bol.

The senior investigative reporter tweeted that while charges against Axact are far from proven in court, his conscience is not letting him continue and that he has decided to part ways with Bol immediately.

Kamran Khan

Azhar Abbas, the president and CEO of BOL News, also announced his resignation through Twitter, saying that he has resigned from BOL after speaking with his editors and staff. Abbas wished his team great success in future.

Azhar Abbas
Senior Executive Vice President of Bol Network Iftikhar Ahmed has also announced his resignation from Bol Network, saying he will soon be joining some other news channel.

Renowned investigative journalist Wajahat Saeed Khan and Executive vice president and senior anchorperson Asma Shirazi are also among the high-profile journalists who have resigned so far.



There are reports that other senior journalists associated with Bol Network will be tendering their resignations soon.


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