Karachi: Police, Rangers arrest seven terrorists in different operations


KARACHI: Police and Rangers arrested four terrorists in different operations on Wednesday while the sketch of the target killer who killed a policeman has been issued.


According to the details, Rangers raided the areas of PECHS and Rizwia on the information provided by previously arrested terrorists and arrested four terrorists.

The suspects were involved in sectarian target killing. While the police have issued the sketch of a target killer who killed a policeman named Khuda Bakhsh on 24th of December.

Khuda Bakhsh was appointed at Tamuria police station. Police prepared the sketch with the help of eye witnesses. Rangers have already announced a prize money of 10 lac rupees for anyone who will help arresting the culprit.

According to details, Rangers and police launched a joint operation in Lyari’s Chakiwara area on Tuesday night and arrested four Lyari gang war accused.

Sources informed media that the arrested persons belonged to Baba Ladla group and were involved in extortion, kidnapping for ransom and other heinous crimes. However, the names of the arrested persons were kept in secret.

On the other hand, police have recovered dead body of a man from Sohrab Goth area. The rescue sources said that there were torture marks on the body of the deceased. The identity of the victim is not yet known.