Karachi: SC denies extension in billboards removal deadline


KARACHI: Supreme Court has denied any extension in deadline for removal of illegal billboards and hoardings in the city.


The court has ordered authorities concerned to remove hoardings until June 30 lest they want to face a legal case.

Chief Justice of Pakistan Anwar Zaheer Jamali has said that the authorities would remove all the illegal hoardings even if the act saves a single life.

Delivering remarks while the extension was rejected, Chief Justice Jamali said that every year in monsoon, hundreds of people die due to billboards destruction and every such act is referred to as the will of the Almighty.

Justice Amir Hani Muslim said that number of hoardings in populated Karachi has risen to 8,000 from the previous 5,000.

The Supreme Court has allowed advertising companies to become litigants in the case.