Karachi: Sewerage water cause flood at M.A. Jinnah Road


KARACHI: Residents have badly irked by the sewerage water that has inundated main M.A. Jinnah Road in Karachi today (Tuesday).


The sewerage water has caused flooding on the road and created severe traffic jam. Frustrated citizens were stuck in the traffic for several hours due to the rising water level.

The roads of the area were drowned with water but the administration has not taken any action despite filing complaints for so many times.

Locals lashed out at the authorities and demanded to resolve the matter as early as possible

Earlier, A water pipeline burst on Monday caused flooding in Karachi’s administration society.

According to details, the incident took place when the Karachi water board ensured supply to the administration society due to which water provision was halted to the other areas. The pipeline blew up while repairing at 4 am.

The main street of the area was drowned in water, badly irking the locals.

According to residents, the authorities have not taken any action despite approaching them several times.