Karachi to brace up to 40°C rise in temperature today

The MET Office has warned that mercury is expected to rise to 40°C in the metropolis today, with a moderate heatwave likely to grip the city.


According to Chief Meteorological Officer Sardar Sarfraz, due to the suspension of sea breeze, a mild heatwave is likely to grip the city and its outskirts over the next two days.

“The latest meteorological data analysis indicates no significant change in surface wind flow over Karachi so far, so no heatwave condition was observed on Monday,” Sarfraz said. “However, over the next two days, Karachiites may experience heatwave conditions with maximum temperature in the 40-42°C range.”

Sarfaraz added the mercury touched 38°C in Karachi on Monday, though the Met Office had predicted a moderate heatwave in the city from May 17. He added that as no change of wind flow had occurred in the city, the temperature remained less than 40°C, but due to high humidity, which was 62%, it felt like the temperature was very high.

Experts have warned, that keeping in view the heatwave warning, people should avoid going outside between 11am and 4pm, as the temperature and high humidity can result in sunstroke, especially to those who are elderly and fasting.

“These days, most people have been fasting, so they can’t drink water during the day. In these circumstances, people who’re fasting should remain indoors to avoid fluid loss and the resulting dehydration,” senior physician Dr Khurram Nizami said.

“Hot and humid weather can be very dangerous for people who are elderly or have weak immunity, and especially those who are also fasting,” he added.

The city administration has said they have also asked tertiary-care health facilities to make arrangements to deal with any emergency in view of a moderate heatwave.


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