Killer(s) of Zainab still not apprehended amid protest by all walks of society

KASUR: Three days have passed as the Punjab government could not place its hand over the culprits(s) behind the brutal murder of a 7 year old girl Zainab; however making huge claims of finding leads in this horrific case that sent shock waves in the entire country.


Protests have out broken in Kasur as the news of this brutal murder circulated, however today the situation was seen to be returning towards normalcy.

Punjab’s provincial minister Rana Mashood however claimed that the killer behind this brutal tragedy was a serial killer, also involved in other such cases.

However it is pertinent to mention that the sketch issued by Punjab’s government identifying the possible suspect behind Zainab’s murder does not match the person seen in  CCTV camera making the investigations more complicated.

On Thursday Shehbaz Sharif, the Chief Minister of Punjab visited Zainab’s father assuring them of speedy justice, and personally looking the matter.

Celebrities and civil society all expressed their solidarity with Zainab and raised their voice against this injustice to humanity,


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