Latest Prices of Fuel In Pakistan According to Notification Issued

“The prices of petrol, kerosene, and light diesel price will remain the same till December 15”, said a notification from the Finance Division regarding the raise in fuel prices.


 “The Government of Pakistan in its endeavor to provide maximum relief to the public has decided to absorb most of the increase in international prices of petroleum products,” the notification further stated.

The notification, however, said that due to a “significant increase” in the international price of High-Speed Diesel (HSD), its rate has been raised by,Rs.4 per litre till December 15.

The following new prices would be effective from December 1, 2020 and are in Pakistan rupee value:

Petrol  at an existing price of 100.69 is to remain the same

High-Speed Diesel with an existing price 101.43 has been raised to 105.43 raising it by Rs4

Kerosene Oil with an existing price of 65.29 to remain the same 65.29 and

Light Diesel Oil with an existing price of 65.86 remained unchanged at 65.86


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