LG Polls: Abid Sher Ali’s car stoned as ‘Tigers’ take on each other

FAISALABAD: The war between the two factions of Pakistan Muslim League – Nawaz (PML-N) in Faisalabad is on its peak these days.


The groups led by Law Minister Punjab Rana Sanaullah and PML-N leader Chaudhry Sher Ali clashed with each other on Saturday and Chaudhry Sher Ali’s son Abid Sher Ali, Federal Minister of State for Water and Power, was thrown stones at. Rangers finally took control of the situation.

Clashes continued to take place throughout the day in various areas of Punjab and the tense situation continued till the announcements of results.

Same happened in Faisalabad where Rana Sanaullah group’s workers attacked Abid Sher Ali’s car when he arrived at UC 116 on Dijkot Road. The workers pushed Abid Sher Ali and threw stones at his car.

Both the groups then pounced onto each other and started raising slogans in favor of their faction. Sher Ali group’s supporters also arrived at the scene and blocked the road.

Abid Sher Ali phoned DCO, upon which district administration’s officers and Rangers arrived on the scene and controlled the situation. However, both sides continued to raise slogans against each other.