LG Polls: MQM to get historic success in Karachi, Farooq Sattar claims


KARACHI: Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) leader Farooq Sattar on Friday claimed their opponents may announce boycott of local government election till 12:00 pm on Saturday.


Without elaborating on why would MQM opponents announce the boycott on election day, he further said attacks on Rangers and the army personnel in the city were part of a conspiracy to postpone the polls.

Sattar claimed that MQM would secure more votes than it did in the past. “Our posters, banners and flags were removed but none of our workers indulged in confrontation,” he said.

Responding to MQM claims, Jaamt-e-Isalmi (JI) Amir Sirajul Haq, said Farooq Sattar’s statement about election boycott was an attempt to sabotage the process.

Ruling out any possibility of boycott, he urged the people of Karachi to use their right to franchise. Haq expressed his desire for election to be held in peaceful atmosphere.