Medical board rejects Nawaz’s health reports, says they are ‘incomplete’

The board, which had been formed to assess the health of the supreme leader of the PML-N, returned medical reports of the former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif with the objection, saying it could not do its job using the medical reports sent by the Sharif family from London, as they were “incomplete and insufficient”.


The President of the board informed the Government of Punjab that a meeting had been held to examine the reports, but he had not reached a significant conclusion because the reports were incomplete . Reports about the cardiac function test, genetic testing, bone marrow tests, PET scan, and platelets were missing from the documents sent by the Sharif family.

Earlier, the personal physician to the former Prime Minister only informed the Punjab authorities through the latest state of health of the PML-N supremo and termed the previously documented medical record sufficient to determine suitability.

The Punjab government had given Nawaz three days – from January 28 to January 31 to submit his new health record after medical counsel appointed to deliberate on the grounds for his bail extension found the reports submitted by his family insufficient.

The provincial government had also warned that if the medical reports were not submitted, the competent authority would decide the matter of bail as per the available facts brought on record.


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