Mild heatwave in Karachi for next week forecasted by Met Dept

The Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD) has forecast a mild heatwave in Karachi starting from Sunday and stretching to Friday.


The PMD expects mercury to rise up to 42 degrees Celsius during daytime if the sea breeze stops during the day.

Hot winds blowing from the desert areas in the northwest of the country will cause a rise in the temperature in the city, but temperatures will be cooler in the evening and at night, Director PMD Sardar Sarfraz said.

Doctors have advised the people to take precautionary measures to protect themselves from the heatwave and to stay indoors amid the coronavirus lockdown.

The heatwave will coincide with the last week of Ramazan, when shopping activities are expected to be at a peak due to Eid.

Shoppers will be particularly at risk of exposure to the heatwave as retailers have only been allowed to open for limited hours during daytime due to the coronavirus lockdown. Additionally, most shoppers in the markets will be observing fasts, which may put them at increased risk of dehydration if proper care is not taken.


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