Mob attacks Karachi press club, assaults journalists


KARACHI: Dozens of assailants stormed the Karachi Press Club on Sunday, beat up journalists and snatched cameras, police said.


According to our correspondent, a charged mob comprising 60 to 70 people forced their way into the press club and assaulted journalists.

The assailants also tried to set the press club and Private TV’s DSNG on fire as they were carrying petrol, police said.

“It was an organized attack. The mob was equipped with petrol bomb and arms,” our reporter said.

Law enforcement personnel reached the press club and launched a probe.

According to reports, around 60 to 70 people carried out the attack and took away at least five cameras.

Fazil Jamili, President of Karachi Press Club, condemned the incident, saying that the outlaws stole television cameras and other equipment.

“Our journalists have some pictures and footage of the attack and we are trying to figure out as to who was behind the assault,” Jamili said.

An emergency meeting has been called to discuss the issue, he said, adding, “we may ban the entry of the involved group in the press club”.