Mohsin Dawar, Ali Wazir responsible for N Waziristan clash: DC’s report

NORTH WAZIRISTAN: Two members of the National Assembly (MNAs) associated with the Pashtun Tahaffuz Movement (PTM) were responsible for last Sunday’s attack on the Khar Kamar check-post in North Waziristan, said to a report issued by the tribal district’s deputy commissioner to the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) government.


MNAs Mohsin Javed Dawar and Ali Wazir goaded the protestors to attack the check post in Boyya, North Waziristan, said the report.

“Area of Tochi Valley specially Datta Khel, Alwara, Admi Kot, Doga Macha, Zangotai, Khar Kamar, Degan, Land, Muhammad Khel, Boya, Hamzoni Valley, and going uptill Hassu Khel (Mirali) have always been a hot spot and troublesome with regard to maintenance of law and order situation,” said the report.

The report further added, “security forces have regularly been targeted either in the form of physical attacks, ambushes, fire raids, rocket attacks or Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs).”

Describing in detail the recent attacks, which transpired on April 29, the report notes that in total, 13 local people died whereas 25 were injured whereas one military person was dead and seven injured.

“On 29 April 2019, Party of Army personnel moving in Datta Khel area was ambushed in which three Army Sepoys embraced Shahadat and four got injured.”

“Similarly, on 1 May 19 multiple attacks were launched on fencing party in Alwara area in which four Soldiers again embraced Shahadat and seventeen got injured.”

The DC’s report then proceeds to explain how Pakistan Army launched an operation to remove terrorist presence from the area.

“To clear the area from presence of any further Terrorist Activity and to make it safe, Army units launched their clearance operation on 24 May 2019. During this operation two suspects were arrested.

“To protest against the arrest of these individuals, a group of people from Doga Macha village marched towards Khar Kamar check point and damaged the installed security barrier and raised anti-state slogans, however, Army showed restraint and did not respond.

It reads, “on the evening of 25th May 2019, a Jirga of twelve Maliks of Doga was held at Boya and as a result of negotiations, one suspect was released after initial investigations with the condition of dispersal of protestors.”

“However, on the instigation of MNA Ali Wazir and Mohsin Javed Dawar, the protestors again gathered near Check Post at night,” the report mentions.

“On 26 May 19, MNA Mohsin Dawar and Ali Wazir entered NWTD from Saidgai Check Post and reached Khar Kamar Check Post at 09:30 am, approx 300-350 protestors were gathered.”


“Troops at first barrier requested MNAs to join the protestors’ camp using the alternate route and not the main road and in return, Ali Wazir used abusive language against the Army and instigated the crowd to attack the post. On this instigation, protestors started intense stone pelting and armed men with Parliamentarians also started firing at the post.”

“Thereafter, Army troops fired warning shots and asked protestors not to get close to the post and to stop the fire immediately. […] Meanwhile, protestors charged at the post and reached within troops’ deployment and tried to snatch weapons,” it states.

“The Fire [from the check post] was opened only for very short duration,” according to the report.

The report stresses, “however, firing continued from the miscreants and the bullets hit the fleeing protestors and MNAs vehicle.”

On May 29, Mohsin Dawar admitted that the attack on Pakistan’s Army check posts was to convey Pak Army to leave Waziristan.

During an interview given to foreign media outlet after going into seclusion following the attack over army check posts headed by Mohsin Dawar and MNA Ali Wazir, the former said the attack was meant to convey Pakistan’s Army to leave South and North Waziristan.

On Sunday, members of PTM attacked Pakistan’s Army soldiers who were deployed at check-posts as they had staged sit-in in North Waziristan demanding Army to leave amid anti-army sloganeering.

However, MNA Ali Wazir whose video is viral social media can be seen slamming Pakistan’s Army and inciting people for violence was arrested by the Law Enforcement Agencies.

Whereas, Dawar managed to escape the scene as his whereabouts are not known uptil now.

Pakistan People’s Party Chairman, Bilawal Bhutto today demanded the production orders of MNA Ali Wazir in the National Assembly.


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