Moon Garden residents submit plea to register case against builder

KARACHI: Moon Garden residents in Karachi submitted a plea seeking to register a case against the builder in Sharae Faisal police station here on Monday.


The residents’ along with their lawyer reached the police station and put forward the plea.

The affectees were of the view that the builder acted with counterfeiting and deception, looting all the savings of the innocent citizens.

The residents also said that they came to know later that the land was not even the property of the builder therefore case should be immediately registered against him.

Police responded that the case will be registered after reviewing the plea.

The three-day protest of the residents ended as the Sindh High Court (SHC) ordered the police to stop the process of evacuation of Moon Garden Flats till November 18.

The people were forced to spend three cold November nights under open skies as the apartment complex was sealed on court’s orders as Railway department submitted a petition in SHC seeking to retake the land.

Atleast 180 flats and 70 shops have been built in the eight-storey Moon Garden building.

According to the details, Moon Garden flat is built on railway’s land in Gulistan-e-Johar, Karachi. Official documents show the project was launched in 1998 and its map was approved after ten years in 2009. Block A and B maps were approved by the Cantonment Board and the BCA had approved maps of Block C, D, E and F.

Residents have alleged that the then concerned officials allowed construction on the site.

According to a report, more than four thousand acres of railway land has been grabbed. But the question remains that why concerned authorities or railway police failed to take action when such projects were launched.