MQM’s Minhaj Qazi reveals details about Hakim Saeed’s murder case


KARACHI: A video confession of the Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) headquarter Nine Zero’s security in-charge surfaced on Friday in which he made revelations regarding former Sindh governor Hakim Saeed’s murder case.


Minhaj Qazi in the video said that when former Hakim Saeed was murdered he was not in contact with the organisation.

Qazi said that at the time of Saeed’s killing, Zulfikar Haider and others were present in Karachi.

He alleged that Zulfikar Haider, Mehmood Siddiqui, and Shakir aka Langra assisted in Hakim Saeed’s murder.

Qazi said that Imran Pasha, Amir from Liaquatabad and others were arrested regarding the case.

Mehmood Siddiqui at that time was the chairman of the party’s student wing All Pakistan Muttahida Students Organisation Urdu (APMSO), Minhaj Qazi said.

Hakim Saeed was gunned down on October 17, 1998 by armed assailants.