Mysterious gas kills several people in Kemari, scores rushed to hospitals

KARACHI: A mysterious gas in Kemari port area of the metropolis has killed four people with fears of the numbers escalating, scores are affected and have been shifted to the nearest healthcare facilities.


According to details, four people pronounced dead include two women, names of three dead individuals have been revealed to be Maymar Begum, Rizwan, and Ahsan.

Initial reports claim that more than 25 people are affected by the poisonous gas, local police and other law enforcement agencies are cordoning off the area.

Relief and rescue operations are currently underway.

The spokesperson of the Karachi Port Trust in a statement has claimed that reports pertaining to the gas being released by a recent ship that anchored down at the port were untrue.

He also revealed that those affected by the gas were picked up from the road after their health deteriorated.

He maintained that there was no report thus far of such a gaseous presence at the port.


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