NAB’s actions in Punjab fueled loud outcry: Khursheed Shah

LAHORE: Claiming that NAB’s actions in Punjab fueled loud outcry to make those in power think of amendments the Leader of Opposition Khursheed Shah said that politics of compromise will not be a service to the country.


Addressing a ceremony here Khusheed said that true journalism divided the sub-continent to create Pakistan but dictatorship never gave anything to the country.

A weak parliament could weaken democracy, he added. The LPG issue was kept hidden to us for two years, we did not protest despite losing premiership and we don’t fight even when we are pulled into courts.

Peoples Party has used to getting beaten and thus it cries no more while people of Punjab are sacred cows, the smaller provinces continue wailing but no one listen to their plea. Mian saheb talks but it takes him abit long to talk.

Those who come to power in the name of people thenselves cut peoples throat, we have to realize that whether we have to serve Pakistan or a single city. People have all hope in the political parties, he added.


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