‘My name is Khan and I am not a terrorist’, IK after being certified ‘Sadiq and Ameen’

ISLAMABAD: An anti-terrorism court (ATC) on Tuesday granted bail to Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan in four cases registered against him during 2014 sit-in.


Speaking to the media after the hearing, Khan said this verdict proved he was not a terrorist. Exploiting anti-terrorism law for political gains would harm democracy.

Later in a tweet, he said: “My name is Khan and I am not a terrorist. Moreover, the SC (Supreme Court) has pronounced me Sadiq and Ameen and I am coming after them crooks.”

‘My name is Khan and I am not a terrorist’ was a popular Bollywood dialogue in the movie My name is Khan starring Shah Rukh Khan and was released in 2010.

He alleged that the law was used to settle scores with opponents.

The PTI chief further said that in order to improve conditions in Pakistan, the National Accountability Bureau must be strengthened.

“NAB is allowing absconders to travel outside Pakistan. They are stealing country’s money and expect not to be caught.”

Responding to criticism of him for allegedly being a blue-eyed person of the judiciary, he explained he was deemed so because he respected the law and presented himself for accountability for a year.

“I presented myself for accountability for a year as I respect the law”, he added.

ATC Judge Shahrukh Arjumand announced the verdict in presence of the PTI chief and his counsel.


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