Naqeebullah Mehsud was innocent, killed in a ‘sham encounter’, says inquiry committee

KARACHI: Additional Inspector General Sanaullah Abbasi said that Naqeebullah Mehsud who hailed from South Wazoristan, killed in an encounter was an innocent, newsone reports.


Sanaullah Abbasi who heads three member probe committee over the allegations against former SSP Police Rao Anwar for conducting police encounter, came to express his grief with his grieving friends, family and tribesmen gathered on the outskirts of Karachi.

He aslo assured the kin’s of Naqeebullah that the deceased was innocent and killed in a sham encounter also adding that “Whosoever involved in this fake encounter will be brought to justice”, said he

Diminishing concerns of undue pressure on the inquiry committee, Sanaullah Abbasi said that “the inquiry commitee will not succumb to any pressures” he asserted


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