Nawaz says will reveal proofs if back door pressures don’t stop,”slave democracy worst than dictatorship”

ISLAMABAD: Former ousted  Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif said that if back door pressures don’t stop, he would reveal all the things that happened in last four years.


He added that a ‘”slave democracy worst than dictatorship”

Addressing a Press Conference at Punjab’s house the ousted premier Nawaz Sharif said had it been a democratic government in 2001, it would have not sold conscience to US in the war against terror.

He also alleged that ways are being paved for “favorite'(Ladlay) to be imposed on the people, adding that the right to elect people lies in Pakistan’s people hand.

He urged Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi to devise strategy so that Pakistan does not rely on US aid.

He also condemned the tweet of President of United States of America Donald Trump for lambasting Pakistan, saying that Trump’s tweet does not reflect the stature of the State’s head.

Followed by his return from Saudia Arabia on Tuesday evening, Nawaz appeared  in accountability Court, facing corruption cases on Wednesday.

During his mysterious visit to Saudia Arabia, there were rumors of NRO settlement  which PML(N) has dismissed.


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