Nawaz slams Imran Khan for making agreement with PPP over Senate chairman

BAHAWALPUR: Former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif on Friday has criticized Imran Khan for entering into alliance with Pakistan Peoples party (PPP) over Senate Chairman slot.


Addressing party workers in Bahawalpur, Nawaz said that he loved the city from the bottom of the heart. “Bahawalpur is making history today as i didn’t witnessed such massive rally in the city,” he added.

Nawaz said that he fulfill the promise when he make, adding PML-N has ended load shedding and terrorism crises from country.

Nawaz said that Imran Khan was crying on horse trading in Senate elections, but he himself had sold out its Senators to PPP via CM Balochistan.

He once again criticized judiciary for disrespecting the sanctity of vote. “In order to uphold the sanctity of the vote, the public must support me,” he said.

He further said that PML-N will win upcoming general elections.

Nawaz’s daughter Maryam the previous day in Faislabad’s Social media convention put the judiciary on blast, she taunted them by saying that people try to hide their weak and unjust decisions under the garb of contempt notices.

Maryam also spoke about National Accountability Bureau’s references against the former prime minister and said that the deadline for the probe body had expired.

She said that nothing has been found against Nawaz Sharif in the ongoing corruption cases in the past six months making a case for the ‘Mujhe Kyun Nikala campaign.’


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