Nisar ensure security of media houses in Karachi

ISLAMABAD: Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan told Senate on Wednesday that groups involved in attacks in Quetta and Mardan have been detected.


Interior Minister told Senate that a killed suspect who said to be the attacker in Mardan was not the actual suicide bomber but he was an innocent and a martyr.

Nisar said that four attackers who came to Warsak Peshawar were also detected, all four attackers were seemed to be the foreigners, Interior minister added.

“Investigation from three suspetcs in Quetta attack is underway,” said Nisar. “Search operation for their local facilitators is also in progress,” Nisar further added.

“Investigation for Quetta attack will be completed in a month,” Interior Minister stated.

According to a press release, the Interior Minister said a framework is being formed regarding security of media houses in Karachi and the Sindh government is completely informed about it.


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