Nisar shows concerns over clearing Altaf Hussain in money laundering case

ISLAMABAD: Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan said Pakistan was concerned at the London Metropolitan Police’s withdrawal of a money laundering case against the founder of the Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) and other party leaders.


According to Scotland Yard, the case against Altaf Hussain, Mohammad Anwar and Sarfraz Merchant was withdrawn on the grounds that after examining all the evidence it was accepted that there is insufficient evidence to prove that the money seized was the proceeds of crime or was intended for use in unlawful conduct.

But, at a press conference in Islamabad this evening, the interior minister said that relations between Pakistan and Britain were at risk of “getting stuck at a dead-end” due to the issue.

Expressing his concern over the developments, Nisar mentioned that some documents were also recovered from MQM founder’s house during the raids by the London Police.

A ‘shopping list’ of weapons and their prices was also recovered from the MQM founder’s London residence, he said. “It is the London police that provided this evidence,” he said.

“This is not just a legal issue. The entire Pakistani nation is following this case,” he added.

New E-Passport System:

Earlier, the interior minister shared information about the new e-passport system and the issue of a Pakistani journalist who has been placed on the Exit Control List.

Cyril Almeida Case:

Speaking to journalists regarding the inclusion of Cyril Almeida on the ECL the interior minister reiterated the government stance that the story is incorrect but stressed that not just a journalist but before inclusion of any Pakistanis name in the ECL inquiry must be conducted.

However, Nisar said that not just Cyril but two or three other people are also part of the inquiry and will also not be allowed to leave the country.

On the issue of the story, Nisar stated that the reporter claimed everyone present in the meeting denied the story and questioned why the paper went ahead and carried it. The reporter should have verified the story from other participants in the meeting. He went on to say that the contents of the story are echoing what our enemies are saying and has given them an opportunity to create a charge sheet against Pakistan.

The interior minister added that an inquiry committee has been formed and will look into the matter.